The Solution!

IDENTIFICATION MANAGEMENT (IDM) - KEPT offers organisations a secure real-time identity management solution, that can easily be integrated into just about any industry or environment no matter what legacy hardware or software environments pre exist:

  • Voter Registration and Voting
  • Access Control
  • Single Sign-on
  • In camera participant proof of presence
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Health industry and health services management
  • Education
  • Social services
  • Device locking (Locking devices to an individual or group of users to prevent on-selling)
  • Internet Login
  • Retail loyalty programs
  • Corporate registration
  • Remote contract signing
  • Authority management


DATABASE UNIFICATION AND CLEANING -The KEPT solution runs securely centrally from the web cloud and can blanket and unify disparate systems and industries (eg. linking Law Enforcement to Prison Services and Court processing) At the same time cleaning up corrupted and badly managed databases. Even Ghost worker auditing and prevention.


SINGLE SIGN-ON -The KEPT solution offers each enrolled individual only one identity across all subscribed organisations no matter what industry or sector thus preventing record duplication and fraud. True Universal Single Sign-on.


GOVERNANCE - KEPT also has a built in audit trail per individual and an authority tree management system to allow subscribed organisation operations, process and management auditing.


REAL-TIME IDENTIFICATION - Just to clarify most if not all existing identity systems only offer identity verification either locally or centrally but very seldom cross industry centrally in real-time and then only identity verification, while KEPT offers true real-time centralised identification.


CUSTOM APPLICATION INTEGRATION - The KEPT solution ensures that all enrolled individuals only ever have and can only ever use one Identity (an ID-Key®) with KEPT, independent of what ever legacy systems exist in what ever form of dysfunction. All these identification  interactions (ID-Vers®©) are audited and can offer further application integration development (the ID-Ver® Audit-Trail©). KEPT provides a Systems Developer Kit (SDK)

Simply put,     One Identity...      ...Endless Possibilities!