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Sending an email message is like sending a postcard,
Anyone can read it. says scientist Andy Yen in this thought-provoking talk:

Yet encryption, the technology that protects the privacy of email communication, does exist. It's just that until now it has been difficult to install and a hassle to use. Showing a demo of an email program he designed with colleagues at CERN, Yen argues that encryption can be made simple to the point of becoming the default option, providing true email privacy to all.   Watch the video

Guys like Andy Yen are inventing new user friendly ways to protect you and I just like the team at KEPT. Their motivation is not profit, but to build a better safer digital world for all of us to live in. Please do watch this video and the KEPT team highly recommends that you use Protonmail in future to send and receive encrypted private emails.


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