The KEPT Mission

Focus on protecting the individual’s rights and all else will follow.

  • we must make the individual’s life safer and easier.
  • our solution must be easy to enrol on, and available to all individuals.
  •  an enrolled individual’s identity belongs only to that individual.
  • access to enrolled individual’s information will only occur with that individual’s consent.

Do one thing really well.

  • KEPT does Personal Information (Including Identity) Management. 
  • KEPT serves authorised access to this information, from the masses of enrolled individuals, to subscribed organisations.

Be faster and more efficient that the rest.

  • we believe in, and strive for real-time interaction.

Legislative compliance is important.

  • not only does KEPT offer subscribing organisations a unique, valuable and essential service but delivers it with full legislative compliance. 

The KEPT Solution must be everywhere.

  • we strive to create a footprint that is readily available and easily accessible to any individual.

Do no evil.

  • we founded KEPT with the intention to protect individuals from Identity and privacy abuse.
  • we will ensure that all possible safeguards are designed into the solution to prevent authority abuse.

Our solution must continue to evolve.

  • our solution  is designed to allow for the inclusion of any new, viable, legal forms of identity element as it becomes available. 
  • we will continue to find safer and more efficient forms of information management.
  • KEPT should continue to evolve to keep individuals safe from identity and privacy abuse even after us

The need for identity management (Single-Sign-On) exists in both the Public and Private Sectors.

  • KEPT has and will continue to build cross industry and cross sector identity and information management infrastructure to unite disparate systems and offer better record efficiency to all subscribed organisations.
  • through multi organisation participation KEPT can offer better access to resources for the masses while protecting them.
  • the KEPT Solution interface can be customized to address the needs of any industry or public service no matter what technology they have already employed 

Enjoy our work.

  • our work should always be a challenge that we enjoy conquering.
  • emphasis on team achievements and pride in individual accomplishments.
  • we take all our team members innovation seriously and will evenly evaluate and implement qualifying ideas within the KEPT Solution. 
  • KEPT will endeavor to offer the proper tools to people who like to make a difference, and with our help they will. 

Keep it unique, secure, simple and robust, then it will work.

  • we strive for innovation and redundancy. 
  • we will always anticipate the needs and meet them with products and services that set new standards.