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Biometric Data

Definition of "Biometric Data"

A general term used to refer to any computer/digital data that is created during a biometric scan process. This includes samples, models, fingerprints, similarity scores and all verification or identification data excluding the individual's name and demographics.

Understanding the consequences of letting organisations collect and store your Biometric Data

Today more and more organisations are pressuring their staff and customers to scan their Biometric data into these organisations security and contact databases. This would be all and well if every one of these organisations respected just what you are giving them and stored, accessed and audited access to this information securely. But alas that does not happen often the priority of these organisations is on their own security or convenience and not the security of your personal and biometric data. Unlike a credit card or smart card that can be reissued when  stolen or compromised, your Biometrics cannot be reissued. You only get one chance ever. It only takes one organisation that has inferior security and access auditing protocols in place and your very valuable biometric data can be compromised!

So KEPT is advocating that the relationship between you and these organisations needs to be safeguarded by a trustee who's sole purpose is to ensure that your personal information and biometric data is handled with the correct governance in place. KEPT is just such a trustee.

So we at KEPT are asking for your support while we secure finance to commercialise our solution and urge you to be extremely cautious about handing access of your Biometric data and personal information to organisations. Always ask them to prove that they comply with the Protection of Personal Information act (PoPI) before allowing them to enter your biometric data and personal information into their database. 

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