...It should be you , and with INFO-CRYPT it is possible to identify yourself

to subscribed organisations safely in real time,

without them ever needing to own

or store your personal information ever again!



  1. INFO-CRYPT is a secure real-time identification service that offers organisations a complete identity management that is automatically PoPiA legislation compliant.
  2. INFO-CRYPT identification uses proprietary encryption and block-chain to secure identification and authority data.
  3. INFO-CRYPT also offers an  Identity Event Audit Trail to manage authority and automatic governance.
  4. KiT offers easily implimented cost effective integration  solutions to organisations that want to implement the INFO-CRYPT identity management solution no matter what their legacy infrastructure is.
  5. NB!   
    INFO-CRYPT does not do "biometrics"...   
                       ... INFO-CRYPT does Identity, Authority, Governance and Privacy Management!
  6. INFO-CRYPT is a Private Data Trust offering the individual a safe non invasive way to securely store their natural identity eliments along with their personal information into an encrypted identity vault running on blockchain.
  7. This allows the enrolled individuals to identify them-selves safely in realtime and easily access secure services offered by subscribed organisations while protecting themselves from ID-Fraud and Privacy invasion.
  8. With INFO-CRYPT the individual automatically has their identity with them at all times, without the need to carry objects like keys, cards, Identity Documents or even cash, as INFO-CRYPT does Natural Human Element Identification.
  9. INFO-CRYPT enables any enroled individual to instantly interact with any subscribed organisation utilising the INFO-CRYPT identification platform.
  10. Trust INFO-CRYPT with your Privacy and your Identity!

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